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Róssi - Zaΐri, Réna

Ρώσση - Ζαΐρη, Ρένα

Works found in the Biblionet database
(2012) A Brother for Thalassenia, Psichogios
(2012) A Brother for Thalassenia, Psichogios
(2012) My First Alphabet Book, Psichogios [author, editor]
(2012) Little Angels, Psichogios
(2012) Little Angels, Psichogios
(2012) Father Christmas and the Little Mermaid, Psichogios
(2012) Father Christmas and the Little Mermaid, Psichogios
(2012) Learning to Write the Alphabet, Psichogios [author, editor]
(2012) Learning to Write the Numbers, Psichogios [author, editor]
(2011) The Naughtiest Christmas Witch, Psichogios
(2011) Red Coral, Psichogios
(2007) The Child that Run Away with Holly Baby , Metaichmio
(2004) I Stick Jobs!, Minoas
(2004) Beauty and the Beast, Minoas
(2004) Children do not Ever Separate, Minoas
(2004) The Terrific 4 – A special friend, Minoas
(2003) The birth of Little Christ , Minoas
(2001) Paste-Up ABC, Minoas
(2001) I Learn to Tell the Time, Minoas
(2001) My First English, Minoas
(2001) The Little Bear that Does Not Fear the Hospital, Minoas
(2000) ABC…Z the Alphabet is Crazy, Minoas
(2000) Paki Becomes Santa Claus, Minoas
(2000) The Terrible Four, Ellinika Grammata
(2000) The Little Bear That Is Not Jealous of its Younger Brother, Minoas
(2000) The Little Bear that Feared the Dark, Minoas
(2000) The Little Bear that Feared Earthquakes, Minoas
(2000) Little Mermaid, Minoas
(2000) The National Duckling Goes on Vacation, Ellinika Grammata
(1999) Holy Night, Minoas
(1999) Scream. Hey, I Am Born!, Ellinika Grammata
(1999) Little Ghost Monkey, Minoas
(1998) Santa Claus Retires, Ellinika Grammata
(1998) Little Santa Claus, Minoas
(1998) The National Duckling, Ellinika Grammata
(1998) Rascally Little Star, Ellinika Grammata
(1989) Eggs, Music Notes and Little Angels. Ears, Voyages and Little Birds, Rossi H. Editions [author, illustrator]
(2010) The Birth of the Dreams, Metaichmio [series editor]
(2009) Detective Melina, Metaichmio [series editor]
(2008) Wilde, Oscar, The Star-Child, Metaichmio [adaptation]
(2004) The giraffe who loves hats, Minoas [series editor]
(2004) Stathátou, Fránsi, Linos in Ancient Olympia , Minoas [series editor]
(2004) Sínou, Kíra, Kira’s fairy tales, Minoas [series editor]
(2001) Anagnóstou, Katerína, With the Wind´s Bicycle, Minoas [series editor]
(2001) Karathanási, Dóra, The Prince and the Enchanted Mermaid, Minoas [series editor]
(2001) Zánou, Danái, Crazy Bug Stories, Minoas [series editor]
(1999) Aftzís, Merkoúrios, Stories that Glimmer, Ellinika Grammata [series editor]
(1999) Veletá - Vasileiádou, María, Mimis, Lola and their Mischief, Ellinika Grammata [series editor]
(1999) Kouvará, Christína, I Will Never, Ever, Ever Again Do It, Ellinika Grammata [series editor]
(1999) Panagiotopoúlou - Rízou, Lítsa, Alexis´ Voyage toAzure City, Ellinika Grammata [series editor]

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