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Mástori, Voúla

Μάστορη, Βούλα, 1945-2016

Works found in the Biblionet database
(2012) Fryni's Wobbly Tooth, Psichogios
(2006) Doll-Lina, Patakis Publishers
(2005) Dorilenia, Patakis Publishers
(2003) Little Apollo , Patakis Publishers
(2002) In the garden of moons, Patakis Publishers
(2001) Santa's prayer, Patakis Publishers
(2001) My magic ears, Patakis Publishers
(2000) Flea-Helene, Ellinika Grammata
(2000) The False Sun and Other Truths, Ellinika Grammata
(2000) Can You Catch a Rainbow? , Ellinika Grammata
(2000) Who Is That in the Mirror? , Ellinika Grammata
(2000) In the Hands of the Magician, Patakis Publishers
(2000) In Seventh Heaven, Patakis Publishers
(2000) The Moon-Rays are Lost, Patakis Publishers
(1999) Love With a Tail, Patakis Publishers
(1999) Lightning in the Electrical Outlets, Ellinika Grammata
(1999) Flash or Lightning?, Ellinika Grammata
(1999) Why We Don´t Get Dizzy With the Earth´s Crazy Turns, Ellinika Grammata
(1999) Why Don´t We Fall Off the Earth?, Ellinika Grammata
(1999) The Snowman Took Mum Away, Patakis Publishers
(1999) Who Thunders When it Flashes? , Ellinika Grammata
(1998) Why Does the Sea Not Overflow, Ellinika Grammata
(1998) Why is the Sea Salty?, Ellinika Grammata
(1998) Why Is It Night? , Ellinika Grammata
(1998) Colour of the Sea, Ellinika Grammata
(1997) The Land With Two Cities and Almond Swings, Ellinika Grammata
(1997) The River Got Jealous, Ellinika Grammata
(1996) At That Time, Patakis Publishers
(1996) One-One-Four, Patakis Publishers
(1996) Under Her Heart, Patakis Publishers
(1996) Where Did the Moon Go Tonight?, Patakis Publishers
(1996) At Highschool, Patakis Publishers
(1994) The Guest, Psichogios
(1986) Thodoros the Ears, Kedros Publishers [author, illustrator]
(1983) Thodoros the Ears, Kedros Publishers [author, illustrator]

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