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Anagnostákis, Manólis A.

Αναγνωστάκης, Μανόλης Α., 1925-2005

Ourani Foundation Academy of Athens Award [2001]
Great National Literary Prize [2002]
Works found in the Biblionet database
(2000) Why Do We Return Each Time Aimlessly to the Same Place, Ermis Ekdotiki
(2000) The Poems, Nefeli
(2000) Alienation 68-69, Nefeli
(1992) Postscript, Nefeli
Participation in collective Works
(2011) I am Left-Handed After All, Patakis Publishers
(2008) Cut + Paste, State Museum Of Contemporary Art [artworks]
(1991) Karkavítsas, Andréas, Words of the Prow, Nefeli [series editor]
(1990) Collective Work, Low Voice, Nefeli [editor, anthologist]
(1989) Karkavítsas, Andréas, The Beggar, Nefeli [series editor]
(1989) Kondylákis, Ioánnis D., Patouchas, Nefeli [series editor]
(1989) Krystállis, Kóstas, Prose, Nefeli [series editor]
(1988) Christovasílis, Chrístos, Stories of the Sheep-Fold, Nefeli [series editor]
(1988) Roΐdis, Emmanouíl D., Popess Ioanna, Nefeli [series editor]
(1988) Vikélas, Dimítrios, Lukis Laras, Nefeli [series editor]
(1988) Rádos, Konstantínos N., The Pirate of Gramvoussa, Nefeli [series editor]
(1988) Kondylákis, Ioánnis D., When I Was a Teacher, Nefeli [series editor]
(1988) Mitsákis, Michaíl, Prose, Nefeli [series editor]
(1988) Kondylákis, Ioánnis D., First Love, Nefeli [series editor]
(1988) Metaxás, Konstantínos Vosporítis, Desert Scenes, Nefeli [series editor]
(1988) Rodokanákis, Pláton, The Crimson Rose, Nefeli [series editor]
(1988) Nirvánas, Pávlos, The Passage of God and Other Stories, Nefeli [series editor]
(1987) Moraïtídis, Aléxandros, The Vow, Nefeli [series editor]
(1987) Chatzópoulos, Konstantínos, Autumn, Nefeli [series editor]

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