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Pateráki, Giolánta

Πατεράκη, Γιολάντα

Works found in the Biblionet database
(2012) The Great Fairy School 2, Psichogios
(2012) The Great Fairy School 2, Psichogios
(2011) Team Satchok, Psichogios
(2008) Secret of the Sea-Shell, Psichogios
(2007) Planet I Don’t Know Where, Psichogios
(2002) My Little Man, Dorikos
(2000) Mistress of the Aegean, Nikodimos
(2000) The Craziest Story in the World, Minoas
(2000) The Green Heart of the World, Periplous
(2000) Stories Full of Honey, Adventure and Laughter, Periplous
(1999) Once Upon a Time in Macedonia, Psichogios
(1998) Alina and the Sun, Kastaniotis
(1998) In the Shadow of the Stone Column, Minoas
(1996) With Stretched Ear, Paratiritis
(1996) The Dauntless in New Adventures, Kastaniotis
(1996) Who Hid the Mysterious Notes?, Kastaniotis
(1996) A Gang, or Wishy Washy Artists?, Kastaniotis
(1996) The Detective Computer , Kastaniotis
(1996) The Secret of the Four, Kastaniotis
(1995) Moon-man, Minoas
(1995) Men from the Moon on Earth, Dorikos
(1990) A Gang Determined for Everything, Kastaniotis
(1989) The Last Ally, Dorikos
(1985) Child Victorious, Dorikos
Grandma's Lace Bonnet, Dorikos
Participation in collective Works
(1990) Island Fables, Kastaniotis
(2001) Mythology. Jason and the Golden Fleece, Psichogios [adaptation]
(2001) Mythology. Hercules, the First Labors, Psichogios [adaptation]
(2001) Mythology. Ancient Greek Gods, Psichogios [adaptation]
(2001) Mythology. Ancient Greek Gods, Psichogios [adaptation]

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