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Véis, Giórgos

Βέης, Γιώργος, 1955-


He was born in 1955 in Athens, where he studied law. He has also studied International Relations at Columbia University in New York. He has published seven poetry collections. Since 1976 he has worked as a literature critic and as a translator (Jorge Luis Borges, Galway Kinnell). Poems of his have been translated into English, German, Italian, Romanian and Chinese.

Major Works
1970-1973 Forms and Other Poems. Poetry
1976 More Poetry. Poetry
1979 Everybody Is Sleeping On the Boat. Poetry
1983 The Dragon of Midday.Poetry
1989 Rephrasing the Night. Poetry
1994 Geography of Danger. Poetry
1999 Chryssalis On the Ice. Poetry
1999 Asia, Asia. Testimony

Works found in the Biblionet database
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(2000) Asia, Asia, Kedros Publishers
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Participation in collective Works
(2001) Book of the Night, Patakis Publishers
(2009) Sifnos: Made of Clay and Cloud, Kastaniotis

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