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Kakoúri, Athiná

Κακούρη, Αθηνά, 1928-


Athina Cacouri was born in 1928 in Patras, where she grew up. She spent the War and the German Occupation in Athens. She later lived in Vienna, where she studied Modern History. From 1976 and for the following 15 years, she divided her time between America, Greece and Germany. She now lives in Greece.
She worked at a shipping agency, at a travel agency, and in the field of Tourism in general. She wrote a series of radio programmes, as well as features and short stories for newspapers and magazines. She has translated literature and history into Greek. Her publications include two short story collections and seven novels. Her latest novel, Primarolia, was hugely successful and received the Nikiforos Vrettakos Award.

Major Works
1994 The Wind's Spawn. Novel.
1995 Tomorrow. Novel.
1998 Primarolia. Novel.
2000 Fashionable Crime. Mystery stories.
2000 The Knife of Fortune. Novel.

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