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Gkíka, Eléni

Γκίκα, Ελένη, 1959- , συγγραφέας-κριτικός

Works found in the Biblionet database
(2011) Nefeli and the Island of Everything, Psichogios
(2001) The Pace of the World Changed in Me, [author, series editor]
(2000) Tempest, Tempera, Tempura, Temperate,
(1999) To Count the Years or Not?, [author, series editor]
(1998) Seeking Maria,
(1998) If Kariotakis Married Polydouri,
(1997) Tell Me, Do You Still Bite Your Nails?, Filippoti Editions
(1997) Dreams Made of Toplexil, Filippoti Editions
Participation in collective Works
(2009) The Book of Evil
(2008) Eco-crimes, Kedros Publishers
(1999) Prepare, We Are Nearing Tinos
(2007) maybe, [series editor]
(2004) Boukouvála - Anagnóstou, Ioánna, Mnesarete, [series editor]
(2002) Choreánthi, Eléni, The Mistress of Ali Abba, [series editor]
(2002) Chatzianagnóstou, Tákis, Love’s Cycles, [series editor]
(2001) Davvétas, Dimosthénis, Architecture of Tears, [series editor]
(2001) Pipínou, Títsa, Woman in the Shadow, [series editor]
(2001) Choreánthi, Eléni, The City on the Water, [series editor]
(2001) Boukouvála - Anagnóstou, Ioánna, Love Witness, [series editor]
(2001) Kaloútsa - Mavrokefálou, Lilí, Hot Summer Days, [series editor]
(2001) Ládis, Fóntas, Beer With Grenadine, [series editor]
(2001) The Man who Spoke with Birds, [series editor]
(2001) Kordósi, Akakía, The Arson, [series editor]
(2001) Kordósi, Akakía, The Mystery World of Professor Anagnostou, [series editor]
(2001) Damianoú - Papadopoúlou, Gióla, Whispers from the Forest, [series editor]
(2001) Davvétas, Dimosthénis, Orestes or Novel Without End, [series editor]
(2001) Vogiatzí - Charalámpi, Eiríni, Bitter Water, [series editor]
(2001) Liakoúris, Kóstas, Last Passage, [series editor]
(2001) Laliótou, Christína, The Harpist´s Song, [series editor]
(2000) Simitzís, Antónis, If You Love, [series editor]
(2000) Lampadarídou - Póthou, María, I Am a Star that Weeps Alone, [series editor]
(2000) Veletá - Vasileiádou, María, Dream Hunters, [series editor]
(2000) Spyropoúlou, Chrýsa, Masks in the Shadow, [series editor]
(2000) Mitropoúlou, Kostoúla, The House Smelled of Cinnamon on Sundays, [series editor]
(1999) Delónis, Antónis, As Soon As You Receive This, [series editor]
(1999) Chatzianagnóstou, Tákis, Abduction, [series editor]
(1999) Boukouvála - Anagnóstou, Ioánna, Irene the Athenian, [series editor]
(1999) Kostagiólas, Spýros, The Ape's Wife, [series editor]
(1999) Kordósi, Akakía, The Emperor's Lost Steps, [series editor]
(1999) Magoulá - Gaïtánou, Pópi, The Secret of the Rock, [series editor]
(1998) Frágkou - Kikília, Rítsa, Colosamente, [series editor]
(1998) Mitropoúlou, Kostoúla, Spit Blood and Say it's the Cherries I Ate, [series editor]

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