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Chomenídis, Chrístos A.

Χωμενίδης, Χρήστος Α.


Christos Ch. Chomenidis was born in Athens in 1966. He graduated from Athens Law School and studied communication media in the UK. His first novel,The Clever Lad, was published in 1993. He has had novels translated into French (The Clever Lad, Rising to the Occasion and The Voice have been published by Editions du Seuil) and Italian and short stories translated into English and Czech. He has also translated a play and written screenplays for cinema and television. He works as a radio producer. Major Works 1993 The Clever Lad. Novel. 1995 Rising to the Occasion. Novel. 1997 No, Not Even for You. Short stories. 1998 The Voice. Novel. 2000 Second Life. Short stories. 2003 Past Perfect. Novel. 2005 The House and the Cell. Novel. 2009 Winged Words. Novel.

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(1997) No, Not Even for You, Hestia Publishers
Participation in collective Works
(2006) Athens by Night
(2006) Four Pen a Tale of Love , Kastaniotis
(2004) With Eyes Wide Open, Kastaniotis
(2004) Novel of a City
(1997) First-person Love, Kedros Publishers

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