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Ládis, Fóntas

Λάδης, Φώντας


Fondas Ladis was born in Sparta. He has worked as journalist for Greek newspapers and magazines. He lived in Rome during the military junta in Greece. He has written poetry, prose, travel books, political and historical essays, and child-ren's books. Mikis Theodorakis, Manos Loizos and other well-known Greek composers have set his lyrics to music. He is also president of the Archive Study Company ”Mnimes”.

Works found in the Biblionet database
(2007) Beer with Grenadine
(2005) Mikis Theodorakis, Chronicle of a Revolution 1960-1967, Exandas
(2004) Athènes mes itinéraires
(2003) Routes Through Athens
(2001) Beer With Grenadine,
(1996) The Secret of Brat, Diavlos Publications
(1993) The Donkey Who Beat the Shark, and Other Stories, Kastaniotis
(1985) The Events of 1965, 100 Days That Shook Greece, Kastaniotis
Participation in collective Works
(2005) Vivere pericolosamente
(2000) Collective Work, From the Time of Frictories to Present Day Satellite Communication [editor]

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