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Papagiórgis, Kostís

Παπαγιώργης, Κωστής, 1947-2014


The son of a primary school teacher, Kostis Papagiorgis was born in 1947 in Neohori, Ipati and lives in Athens. He studied law in Thessaloniki and philosophy in Paris, but an almost pathological devotion to reading led him into bookselling. Later, on returning to Athens, he started translating philosophy for a living and more recently turned to writing essays, largely confessional in nature. He has written on intoxication, jealousy, misanthropy, the dead, resentment, friendship and war.

Works found in the Biblionet database
(2008) On Memory, Kastaniotis
(1998) The Red Fox - The Beatings, Kastaniotis
(1998) Agoraphobia, Kastaniotis
(1997) Alexandros, Son of Adamantios Emmanouil, Kastaniotis
(1996) Oil - Vinegar, Kastaniotis
(1995) Socrates - The Legislator who Commits Suicide, Kastaniotis
(1994) Cheers, Asimaki, Kastaniotis
(1994) Secrets of Affection, Kastaniotis
(1993) The Homeric Battle, Kastaniotis
(1990) Dostoyevsky, Kastaniotis
(1990) Siamese and Half-Siblings, Kastaniotis
(1988) The Lawmaker´s Suicide, Exandas
Participation in collective Works
(1998) Sante, Ypsilon
(1987) Rámfos, Stélios, Homeland, Roes [series editor]

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