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Zatéli, Zyránna

Ζατέλη, Ζυράννα


Zyranna Zateli (1951-) was born in Thessaloniki. She studied theatre and worked both as an actress and for the radio. She soon abandoned these for her true vocation, which was and is writing. She now devotes herself exclusively to this and is writing a new novel, which will be the first part of a trilogy.

Mayjor work:
- In German: 1. Und beim licht des wolfes kenren sie wieder []: Danae Coulmas Kiepenheuer - Witsch, 1997. 854pp. ISBN: 3-462-02612-7 n 2. Die tranmtanzerin: filigrane geschichten []: Gaby Worster. Stuttgart: Dialogos, 1988.
- In Dutch: En op het vur van de wolf komen zijterug [tr. by]: Hanka de Haas. Breda: De Geus, 1996.
- In Lithuanian: Griztantys su vilku sviesa []: Leva Skarzinskaite. Vilnius: Tyto Alba, 1998.
- In Italian: E alla luce del lupo ritornano []: Maurizio de Rosa , Crocetti Editore, 1999.
- In French: Entre chien et loup les voila en retour. []: Jacques Bouchard. Editions du Seuil–French Institute of Athens, 2001.

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Participation in collective Works
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