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Papadopoúlou, Yvét

Παπαδοπούλου, Υβέτ

(2005) Lenoúdia - Sakellarídou, Myrsíni, Melomythia, Spoudi [illustrator]
(1999) Kamarátou - Gialloúsi, Eiríni, Pigeon the Judge [illustrator]
(1995) Kamarátou - Gialloúsi, Eiríni, Birds of an Extraterrestrial Woman [illustrator]
(1995) Nákou, Eiríni, The National Archaeological Museum [editor, illustrator]
(1994) Mantouválou, Sofía, Doremifasollati, Kastaniotis [illustrator]
(1993) Mantouválou, Sofía, It´s Raining Cats and Dogs, Kastaniotis [illustrator]
(1993) Nákou, Eiríni, The Acropolis of Athens [editor, illustrator]
(1992) Mantouválou, Sofía, The World Is Brilliant, Kastaniotis [illustrator]
(1992) Mantouválou, Sofía, The World is Colorful, Kastaniotis [illustrator]
(1992) Mantouválou, Sofía, The World is Radiant, Kastaniotis [illustrator]
(1991) Mantarakis, Jane Thomas, Christmas in London with Nick and Jane [illustrator]
(1991) Asimakopoúlou, Ioánna, I Paste the Professions, Kedros Publishers [illustrator]
(1991) Asimakopoúlou, Ioánna, I Paste the City Buildings, Kedros Publishers [illustrator]
(1991) Asimakopoúlou, Ioánna, I Paste Transport, Kedros Publishers [illustrator]
(1990) Sikiotis, Nicholas, I Wish you a Merry Christmas [illustrator]
(1989) Asimakopoúlou, Ioánna, National Holidays, Kedros Publishers [illustrator]
(1989) Asimakopoúlou, Ioánna, Easter and May First, Kedros Publishers [illustrator]
(1988) Choreánthi, Eléni, The Other World, Synchroni Epochi [illustrator]
(1988) Marínos, Giórgos - Menélaos, The Clown´s Man-Eating Friend, Synchroni Epochi [illustrator]
(1986) Daráki, Pépi, The Bet, Synchroni Epochi [illustrator]
(1986) Daráki, Pépi, Now I Want to Dance, Synchroni Epochi [illustrator]
Asimakopoúlou, Ioánna, Christmas Celebrations in my Hometown, Kedros Publishers [illustrator]
Asimakopoúlou, Ioánna, Christmas and New Year, Kedros Publishers [illustrator]

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