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Pratikákis, Manólis

Πρατικάκης, Μανόλης, 1943-


Manolis Pratikakis was born in Myrto, Crete in 1943. He studied medicine at Athens University, where he gained a doctorate in psychiatry. He began publishing in periodicals in 1970, and has since written 13 collections of verse as well as literary criticism and articles. He has contributed to Greek and foreign anthologies and periodicals and participated in numerous conferences. His work The Dormition and Resurrection of the Bodies of Domenico was a candidate for the 1999 European Aristeion Prize. Poems from his book Libido were set to music by Giannis Markopoulos for Unseen Pulse, available on CD. The same composer recently wrote a symphony based on Pratikakis’ verse collections Genealogy, Lekythos, and Left Quietly on the Grass, the first of which was performed at the Athens Concert Hall. In 2003, Pratikakis won the State Award for Poetry for Water, a collection of poems.

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