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Mátesis, Pávlos

Μάτεσις, Παύλος, 1933-2013


Pavlos Matessis was born in 1933 in the Peloponnesian village of Divri and lived in numerous provincial towns until he was 19. He studied acting, violin and foreign languages (English, French and Spanish). He taught theatre at the Stavrakou School (1963-64) and was assistant dramaturge at the National Theatre (1971-73). He spent 1969 in London. He wrote two television series for Greek state television (1974-76) and has written texts for Floor Show. He made his literary debut in 1967 with his play The Ceremony (performed by the Nea Ionia theatre in 1967 and the National Theatre in 1969). Eleven of his 13 plays have been performed, principally by the National Theatre. His play Guardian Angel for Hire has been performed in Athens and Belgrade. Matessis has won several awards for his work, among them the 1966 State Theatre Award for The Ceremony, the Grand Critics’ Theatre Prize in 2002, and the 2002 Giusseppe Acerbi Literary Prize for his novel The Dog’s Mother. He has translated many writers into Greek including Ben Jonson, Harold Pinter, Fernando Arrabal, Antonin Artaud, Beaumarchais, Shakespeare and William Faulkner, as well eight plays of Aristophanes from Ancient into Modern Greek.

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