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Chatzivasileíou, Vasílis

Χατζηβασιλείου, Βασίλης


He was born in Thessaloniki in 1947. He writes prose, children's books, comics, theatrical plays and senarios. His books have received awards from the University of Padova, the Hellenic Company of Authors and the Cycle of Greek Children's Books.

Major Works
1996 The Secrets of the Earth. Children's literature
1997 Quiet... We Are Sleeping. Children's literature
1997 With the Back to the Wall. Novel
1998 Ten Steps on the Sand. Novel
2000 A Sunday They Called Tuesday. Novel

Works found in the Biblionet database
(2007) Do Things Sleep, Mummy?, Psichogios
(2003) Ugly and Alone, Kedros Publishers
(2001) Fictional History of Ancient Greek Music and its Instruments, Kedros Publishers
(2000) On A Sunday Which They Called Tuesday, Kedros Publishers
(1998) Ten Steps in the Sand, Kedros Publishers
(1998) Quiet! We Are Sleeping, Paratiritis [author, series editor]
(1996) Secrets of the Earth, Paratiritis [author, series editor]
(1994) Salty Years, Kedros Publishers
(1994) Holey Mountain, Kedros Publishers
(1992) Bandit Chief Arpahtras, Patakis Publishers
(1987) The Counselor, Paratiritis
(2000) Gavriilídou, Sofía, Tellusmore Story, Paratiritis [series editor]
(2000) Anezíni - Leráki, Georgía, Pipi´s Toothache, Paratiritis [series editor]
(2000) Miniádou, María, Children in a Million Colors, Ianos [editor]
(1998) Vakalopoúlou, Iró, The Visit of Sakorafas, Paratiritis [series editor]
(1998) Sfakianáki - Xenáki, Sofía, In Anthe´s and Maro´s Garden, Paratiritis [series editor]
(1997) Charalámpous, Agní, The Other Sister, Paratiritis [series editor]
(1997) Kanéllis, Giórgos P., Both Yes And No, Paratiritis [series editor]
(1997) Paschalídou, Zoí, My Four Footed Friends, Paratiritis [series editor]
(1996) Pateráki, Giolánta, With Stretched Ear, Paratiritis [series editor]
(1996) Kakoúli, Toúla, The Storyteller Mirror, Paratiritis [series editor]
(1996) Koutsoúkos, Ilías, When the Forest Entered the City, Paratiritis [series editor]

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