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Nikolaΐdou, Sofía

Νικολαΐδου, Σοφία


Sophia Nikola?dou (1968-) was born in Thessaloniki, where she lives today.

- Blonde -short stories. Athens: Kedros, 1997
- Fear Will Get You and You'll Be Alone -short stories. Athens: Kedros, 1999

Works found in the Biblionet database
(2012) When Elephants Dance, Metaichmio
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(2002) Planet Prespa, Kedros Publishers
(1999) Fear Will Find You and You Will Be Alone, Kedros Publishers
(1997) Blonde Run Over, Kedros Publishers
Participation in collective Works
(2006) The Dispersed Urbanity of the Aegean Archipelago: 10th International Exhibition of Architecture Venice Biennale: Greek Participation
(2003) Lemon Popsicle, Kedros Publishers
(2001) Eight Mortal Sins, Patakis Publishers

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