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Vogiatzóglou, Stélla

Βογιατζόγλου, Στέλλα


She was born in 1950 in Thessaloniki. She studied law in her native town where she still lives and works. Her work has been published in literary journals and newspapers and some of her short stories have been translated into German.

Major Works
1987 The Winch. Novel
1987 The Fellow-Lodger. Novel
1991 And Phaedon...Was Me. Novel
1997 Then You Left for Good. Novel
1999 Moving Hastily Among Them. Short stories

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Participation in collective Works
(2011) Thessaloniki of Writers, Ianos
(2001) In Thessaloniki: 13 Contemporary Writers, Ianos
(1998) Within the City Plan?, Kedros Publishers

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