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Doúka, Máro

Δούκα, Μάρω, 1947-

Great National Literary Prize [2019]

She was born in Hania (Crete) in 1947. She studied archaeology at the University of Athens. Since 1966 she has lived in Athens. She started writing in 1969. Her texts have been published in magazines and newspapers. Her short stories have been translated into Fench, German, Italian and Russian. Her novel Fool's Gold has been translated into English and French, the novel The Floating City into German and At the Bottom of the Picture into French.

Major Works
1979 Fool's Gold. Novel
1983 Floating City. Novel
1987 The Still Poplars. Novel
1990 At the Bottom of the Picture. Novel
1995 A Cap of Porphyry. Novel
1999 The Mechanics of the Heavens. Novel

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Participation in collective Works
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