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Karagátsis, M.

Καραγάτσης, Μ., 1908-1960


M. Karagatsis (his real name was Dimitris Rodopoulos) was born in 1908 in Athens. In 1924 he went to Grenoble to study Law. One year later, he transferred to the Law School of the University of Athens. He died in 1960, at the age of 52, leaving unfinished the novel he was working on at the time, Number 10. The last words he wrote, which were, in fact his last words, were “don't make me laugh!” His sizeable work (short stories, theatre reviews and, above all, novels) is published by Hestia.
Karagatsis is considered one of the leading authors of the Thirties Generation.

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Participation in collective Works
(2009) Anthology of 20th Century Greek Short Stories, Kastaniotis
(2009) Piraeus
(1999) Four-Person Novel, Hestia Publishers

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